Mitch LoemanMitch is a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the national strength and conditioning association, and holds a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University of Southern Maine. There, he was a 3-year member of the men’s basketball team, which sparked his love for health and wellness. Although training his whole life for the sport of basketball, Mitch truly believes that there is far more to fitness then meets the eye, and that if instructed properly; fitness can improve all aspects of life. The saying "movement is medicine" is something Mitch feels passionately about and embodies through his training style, both personally, and with clients.

"As humans, we were born to move, yet so many of us have put extreme limitations on our movement through unhealthy habits. I will help rid you of those habits. Through careful planning, precise programming, and a will to succeed, those limitations will be a thing of the past."