A typical day in the life of a SHIFT Member…

C.O. Bigelow products at Shift Portland

7:15am - Take the elevator up to the second floor of 24 Preble Street, drop your duffle bag and briefcase off at our custom lockers and head out to the training floor to warm up for your private training session.

7:30am - Your trainer is on time and prepared to deliver your personalized program during your hour long session.  The gym is clean and free of clutter and features top of the line equipment and expert instruction.  Gym towels are provided so feel free to sweat away!

8:30am - Following your session, you decide to cool down and stretch in the calm and beautiful yoga studio.

8:40am - Back to the spa inspired locker room to rinse off in the tiled rain showers.  The top of line C.O. Bigelow hair and body products leave you feeling clean and refreshed.  Super plush towels, razors, swabs, and hair dryers are provided to get you ready for the work day.

8:50am - You grab a complimentary cup of coffee on your way out the door.  There is no better way to start the day!