Personal Training

Shift Portland is personal training that is actually personal. We begin by assessing movement patterns to figure out which joints are acting as mobilizers and stabilizers and implement corrective exercises to reprogram the problem joints.  In most cases, these simple exercises will alleviate years of crippling knee, back, hip, and shoulder pain and allow the body to feel open and ready to take on the tasks of daily life. Whether your goal is losing weight, gaining lean muscle, getting stronger, or just bending down to play with your kids or feed your dog, Shift Portland will develop a program using your current fitness level to get you to your goal. Our programs are based strictly on scientific evidence and methods that have been peer reviewed and proven. Programs are implemented in a one on one training session that allows the expert to ensure proper form of each exercise to prevent injury.

Balance and Fall Prevention

Falling is one of the largest underlying causes of death in adults aged 65 and older. Falls can break bones and tear connective tissue if you are unlucky and even those that escape a fall without bodily injury will most likely suffer from fear of falling. In both cases the body alters its mechanics to approach movement more cautiously, actually increasing the risk of falling.

Often, falls occur as a result of bad balance. As the body ages, so does the balance system. After the age of 55 the individual components that comprise the balance system, visual, vestibular, and somatosensory, begin to regress. But fear not! The good news is that these systems are malleable and can be slowed and regained with proper exercises. Balance and fall prevention training begins by assessing each component to figure out which balance systems are not functioning optimally. A program is then developed to stimulate that system in order to maintain balance and avoid falling. Please note, this program will involve take home exercises. Balance requires consistent and repetitive exercise to improve.

Strength Training

Strength training the shift way means you will be able to take on any challenge physically and mentally!  We employ a unique mix of traditional strength movements, non traditional equipment such as kettlebells and suspension training, and innovative program design to help you focus on meeting and beating challenges presented before you!

Endurance Training

Whether increasing your endurance means running a marathon or playing with your grandkids in the yard, we can help. We employ time tested methods and techniques to improve sport endurance and functional interval training to extend your life endurance. Come find the difference more energy can make for you!

Small Group Training

Sometimes the best motivation is having a friend or two sweat with you!  Working with a partnered or small group approach can get you the results you are looking for and give you a fun social experience while getting the benefits of a tailored program at a cheaper rate. Sign up with a friend or let us set up a group for you. 

Health Benefits of Training

Eliminates Painful Joints

Keeps Arthritis Under Control

Increases Stamina and Endurance

Decreases Depression

Prevents Injury

Reduces Fatigue

Reduces Headaches

Increases Blood Flow

Reduces Heart Disease

Promotes Better Nutrition

Assists with Fat Loss

Increases Bone Density

Increases Lean Muscles

Increases Strength